Tuesday, February 2, 2010


such a cheese head! I love ALL her smiles!

Month SEVEN!

Jan 20th = 7 months
Time is flying by- and we are just loving this little girl-
I can't say it enough
She has brought sooooo much joy and love into our lives!

Some things Marlee is up to.....

loves mom and dad
loves the dogs- Izze and Gonzo
loves playing with cousins- they are so interesting!
rolls all over the place
loves to eat fruit-bannans and applesause(especially)
chews on everything- still only 2 teeth!
always wants to drink out of a cup
getting ready to crawl- up on hands and knees (only a matter of time)
not the best sleeper.....but I still love her to death!
Has a happy personality....but sure can throw a fit!(trust)



Happy B- Day Grandma Brink!

My mom's birthday was on the 11 of Jan- so all us girls + the grandkids went out for pie!!! To make her day a little more special!
We had a fun b-day party -(dad grilling steaks!!!!!!- the norm for Brink family get togethers!!!!! )for her and my dad later that week....thier birthday's are exactly one
week apart so we celebrate together- sorry no pics- my fam is not too big on pics-
but....here are some at pie and dessert time!

Grandma and Marlee.... and Hadley with his rootbeer float!!!!
(hey were's my ice-cream) He couldn't get it fast enough!
Love that kid! So cute!

Cousins- 3 weeks apart-
destined to be besties!

Gram with Hadley & Hazel
Marlee and me! Aunt C-C and Jaker!