Monday, November 9, 2009

Marv's boy.... and little girl!

So this is GONZO- Marv's boy...

The story goes like this- ONE week after bringing Marlee home Marv goes on a three day trip to Texas to pick up his new K9 - He had talked about becomeing a K9 officer before but- I though it would be down the road.....(especially NOT right after the baby and while we were trying to finish and get moved into our house) but anyhow under certain circumstances it had to be now or not for very long while or possible never... so.........being the NICE & UNDERSTANDING wife that I am- Gonzo became part of our family. Marv loves him and he is training him and is so proud of (his boy- as he calls him). It is an interesting adventure we are taking but - life definatly is keeping us guessing and busy!

Marv all of a sudden loves taking pics so here are a few he made Gonzo pose for!

I have to say he did do a pretty good job!
Now all we need is a good camera!

Marlee really loves sucking her fingers and toes!!! ALOT

It is so crazy to think she was this small....
BUT she is growing now!

2 days old

2 months 4 months

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Total Blogging Overload!

I am totally trying to play catch-up because I have been such slacker in the blogging dept.
And just to warn you I am one those people that mostly blog about my baby.... so ...... be prepared.
Our lives are starting to slow down and it feels like we can breathe again- the last three months have been really crazy. But I am going to try to do better about staying up on things better! Anyhow it is now NOVEMBER I can't even beleive it Marlee is now 4 and 1/2 months- time is flying and she is getting funner by the minute. We love this little girl so much!

I just had to take a picture of this today- I love these two so much!

I put Marlee's croc's on her today and she was trying to get them-

She found her feet and is always playing with them!

This was so cute today she was in her bumbo and the diaper bag was right next to it on the counter- it was like she was trying to get into it and I caught her-

She has started sucking on her feet
even if she has socks on....wether she is sitting or lying down!

Marlee and her Izze dog!

Marlee is now 4 months!
Does not love cereal!
Marv turned 26!
We love this little girl more and more everyday!
Marlee's first Holloween!
My little lady bug!

Not loving it so much! (her dad put the hat on her)

Hazel and Hadley comming Trick or Treating

Cousins Cousins

Marlee, her crazy dad and Little Bella! and Izze too!

Here it goes.....

Not too sure....

OK we hate it! So much for that!
Better luck next time!

Marlee at 4 months!

Loves her baths and fingers!

Marv calls this her bumble bum!

We blessed Marlee on the 6th. Marv did a great job!
We had lots of support from family and friends and it was a wonderful day!

Our little family

Marv and his little princess. She is such a daddy's girl!
She totally has him wrapped around her tiny finger!

Clesete, Marlee and Me and Jana! Bestest friends eva!

Marlee at the dinner after- not sure about all the people!
Grandpa B. is behind her cooking his famous dutch oven potatoes!
and some slobber too!

I love her little face!

Everything goes to the mouth now!
Who needs a binky when you have fingers?

Found the tounge- neener neener

This is the look I get when we have taken too many pics!

These are Marlee and 3 months!

So in AUGUST................
Marlee turned 2 months old
I turned 23
We celebrated our FOURTH aniversary (ya crazy eh?)
AND.......................... we finally moved out of the Starlite Motel after almost four years and into our NEW house- ( That is a whole other post)
We also got another new addition to the fam _ Gonzo Marvin's K9 dog- (yet another post)
(by far the craziest month of all)

Back to the baby- She started to smile alot...and is yet to grow any hair! But we love her and her little bald head!
We had a few little outings in with friends-
We planned a BFF BBQ-because we never all get together so we tried planning a special occasion in advance so we could all come- what an ordeal that was! But...we had a good turn out and it was fun to get together but we missed Laci and Matt and Kota and Marv....better luck next time!


Us hanging with Coach! Just like old times (but with kids)

Lunch at Soup Town!

Jana (one of my best friends) -her little boy Cayson loved Baby Marlee and he wants one at his house! He kept telling his mom "my turn mom"!

Marlee 10 weeks!

Lots and lots of smiles!!!!!

BIG smile!

She likesher bath and nakey time!!!

Skinny little chicken legs!

JULY- was just a blur to me- between having the baby, finishing the house, and trying to move and get used to being a mommy - I dont remeber much and apparently I didn't take any pics either!