Sunday, April 25, 2010

"The Boy"

There is my monkey girl!

This picture is of the kids in Gonzo's new
kennel/ Marv's cop truck is now officially
a fully equipped K9 unit! No more kennel

in the back seat of the truck! He now has
a capershell with a kennel designed especially
for him! The kids were just triying it out!

Gonzo passed his certification for drug
detection with flying colors! He is now a
certified K9!Marv is so proud of him and
I am proud of both of them! Marv has
been working hard to get Gonzo trained
so he can find all sorts of drugs! Marv is loves
having Gonzo as a partner! He has done
very well so far and so far he sure likes
his drugs !
(Gonzo not Marv)!

Looking fierce!


Hillarious is all I have to say!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

9 MoNthS oLd!

I love this little chika! She is such a happy girl!
She is a busy little body, she loves to play and have
fun! We have so much fun with her!
She had her 9 month check-up she now weighs 17.2 lbs
and is 28 1/2 in tall.
She is getting fast at getting around/she not walking but
she started climbing so we have to keep a close eye on her!
Her two front teeth on the top finally came through!
She went on her first antibiotc for a sinus and ear infection-
that wasnt fun-but it didn't last too long- we have been lucky
over the winter and she hasn't really been sick so I can't complain.
She has finally started sleeping through the night without waking
up. I thought this day would never come! It makes for a happy mama- I never had the
heart to make her cry herself to sleep- we tried it a couple of times when she was fighting going to sleep- and much to my surprise it worked- and now she doesn't even wake up at night very often ! So happy day for me!!!!!!!!!!!

She loves food! She never liked baby food much
but we started giving her soft foods we eat and she loves it!
She makes a big mess about everytime she eats...because she has
to do most of it herself but I am just happy she is eating so well!
My mom thinks it is so funny- she says itslike feeding a little crusher!

It was so funny- I was mashing up some banana to mix with
her cereal one morning and she kept reaching for the rest of the banana
so I handed it to her- and before I knew it she had half of it gone-
then the WHOLE thing- was gone! I looked all around thinking she
dropped some off the side- but no she eaten it ALL!
I was shocked! But whaterver makes her happy!

Hadley and Holden came to play for a few minutes while
Hazel was registering for kindergarten! Marlee loves playing
with her cousins! I think she thinks she is alot bigger than she is-
she just gets right in the middle of it all!

They had so much fun together!