Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Little Chicka!

Marlee is now 15 months old!
This little chicka is so full of life!
She brings so much happiness
and adventure into our lives!
She is silly and sweet and is
learning so fast! We love her
more and more everyday if
that is even possible!

Wanting so badly to go play with Dad and Gonzo!


Marlee at 15 months......
Weighs 20 lbs and is now 32in tall!
Eight teeth ( all in the front)
Still struggling in the hair dept...but it looks more
blonde than red now!!!!
Climbs on EVERYTHING! Knows no fear...
She got her dad's hard head....she is always
bonking it on somthing...but it usually doesn't
even phase her
Loves animals especially horses and cows
Loves to torment Izze...
Loves her Dad (they are so cute together)
She is still very independant
Definalty knows what she wants or dosn't want
(example: if I don't give the WHOLE string cheese
or popcicle she wants nothing to do with it and will
run away crying...its hilarious!)
Beats her head of the floors and walls while throwing
tantrums...I try not to let her hurt herself
Is becomming so aware of things, where she is,
HER people
She is a good eater (most days) and thinks everyone wants to share
WORDS: mama, ma, da da, IZZE(in many different tones)
cheese, shoes, NO and does alot of babbling
She is understanding so much.. I tell her to go get something
and she will or shut the door, or put it back (other than she will
put it back and take it again)
Gets so frustrated because she can't get into the cupbords
since we have put the childproof latches on!
Loves anything with a lid...
Loves all her grandparents and cousins
Starting to get a little more clingy when I leave for work :(
I hate it too...breaks my heart
Is starting to go to nursury...and does very well they say!!!!
When she is sleepy she has to put her hand down your shirt
doesn't matter who is holding her......

Has a infectious smile...but she can sure hand out the glaring
looks as well...
Gives loves and kisses and blows kisses too ... so sweet!
Loves to play and be crazy!
and lastly...her Mom and Dad love her to peices!

Weddings and Babies!!!

My Cousin/best friend is getting married... I am so happy for her

and Warren!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!!!

My friend Jana is having a little girl in October. We got to go to a

little shower for her while she was down... I'm so excited for her!

(the girls)

sorry apes I always have to steal your pics.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This was us 5 years ago......

And this is us NOW!

Two days in August made some big miles stones for us this year!
August 12th was our FIVE year wedding aniversary....and what
a great five years it has been! I LOVE that man more than ever
he is such a great husband and wonderful father to our little princess!
Life just keeps on getting better!
On the 17th I turned 24 but what was much more exciting
that day made the ONE year mark of us living in our house.

It seemed like it was never going to get done and now we
have been infor year for a whole year.....its still a work in progress
we still don't have much of a yard BUT I have high hopes next year!
Marv has stacked many many rocks to make rock walls and some
landscaping ideas and has plans for much and marlee
can not wait to have some grass!
For the occasions we left Marlee with Grandma Jann over night
( for the first time) slightly stressful for me! And we
headed down to Vegas for a little get away ( sorry no pics)...
we stayed at the New York New York went out to a nice dinner
and to a show and the next day Marv let me shop and
didn't even complain! (Now that's love eh?)

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then headed home
we stopped at the Temple on the way home to end a great trip
with my best friend in the world. I am so happy that five years
ago I was married to my best friend for eternity! I am looking
forward to a happy long life together!

In Loving Memory.....

On August 26 2010 Deputy Brian Harris was shot and killed by an

armed gun-man that cowardly ran away, that launch a massive

man hunt, and was later arrested without any further inncident.

This has been a night mare from all seems so unreal

and way too close to home... Brian was a Deputy of the Kane

County Sheriffs Office, along with Marvin and my dad as well.

I have always had my fears, but we live in a small town in Utah

and things like this just don't happen. My dad has been a Deputy

for my entire life, Marvin joined the Sheriffs Office shortly after we

were married. Being in this profession there are risks...I never thought

anything like this could ever happen here...and now Shawna and her girls

are living one of my worst fears..... My heart hurts for her and all who

knew Brian. I am so thankful for the community that we live in, there has

been an overwhelming amount of love and support shown and I hope

that NOTHING like this will ever happen again.

The funeral services we unbelieveable..there were police angencies from all

over the state and surrounding states. I am sure the biggest thing this little

town has ever seen..but it was fitting.

Deputy Harris will forever remain in our hearts.