Friday, December 10, 2010


Slowly but sure- Im going to get this blog updated- I tried to put Hawaii's in where it fit- but I guess I don't know how- anyhow this is what we did this summer and fall!( Its just kind of out of order- Our Hawaii trip was back in June) everything else is in order- for the most part!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Traveling with 14 people and 2 babies...... what else is there to say.......

1st Time fling with a baby...I was really worried but she did good
for the most part!

First day on the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the many football games on the beach!

Of course we have to jump off the highest rock on the beach.... (This is why Marv had back problems the whole trip
maybe one-day he will learn he isn't
invinsible...but we had to show them how its done

Really is just like a post card...I so loved it!

Just chilln' on the beach

POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER- it was so cool to learn
about all the cultures-

PEARL:HARBOR- was so neat to see this historic site- Jim was in

7th heaven

We were able to take a shuttle
to the USS ArizonaMemorial that was sunck- there is still oil imerging tothe water surface- what a humblingexperience- to think of the freedomswe have and how many live have been given for our freedom and safety

Our stay in Honolulu- we were like two blocks from the Temple!

Hawaii Temple- so beautiful- it was under renovation so we couldn't go in but we got a few pictures by it.

Fun in Lahina- it was such a fun place-- just off the water

and fun shops and entertainment- this is all of us at

Bubba Gump Shirmp Co.

Glass bottom boat ride- I didn't know I was a little closrophobic---

BLOW HOLE- but it didn't shoot out like the one in Fool's Gold- but it was neat!

"HEART" rock

Sunsets in Hawaii are so BEAUTIFUL!

Napili Sunset- was right by the condos we stayed in... so we had

alot of fun time there- Snorkeling was so nice there- the water

was clear and there were the big sea turtles- lots of pretty coral.

Marlee like going to shore line and letting the water hit her..and

eating sand-

I loved it there-


it is such beautiful drive with the old roads-

sometimes one lane! (yikes) but so so many

beautiful scenery stops- it was a great(long) day!

Marlee didn't like the big waves-

Nick seriously climed up a cocnut tree to steal a coconut- it was hilarious

we ended up getting a navtive lady to help us get it open!

It was a great trip and can't wait to go back!!