Sunday, December 5, 2010

Brink Grandkid Pics

My sisters and I decided to get all the grandkids together and get some pics took. Candice did a fabulous job- escpecially with all of these little stinkers... and little stinkers they were. This first picture pretty much sums up how most of the shoot went BUT she was able to get some really great shots and I know my mom will absolutly love them! I just though I would share my cute neices and nephews with you and of course the queen of our castle!!!!

Jake and Raylie

Hazel, Hadley, and Holden


Collin ( well just like it says)

And our little princess

Sorry for the Marlee overload but I
just love so many of them!

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  1. OH my heck..I love all the pictures...Looking at these pictures Marlee kind of looks like CJ..I dont know if anyone has ever told you that?anywaYS she is adorable!!