Monday, March 1, 2010

8 Months

Our little princess is EIGHT months old
were does the time go?

She likes her sippy!

but..... don't take it away- or anything for that matter!
She sure has a mind of her own! Most of the time she is such a
happy little girl and loves to PLAY! But can definatly let us know
if she isn't happy( I guess she is just female)- we just LOVE
her little personality she has started to show......(ALOT)
She is a silly little thing!Definatly Marv's daughter!
It's crazy because now my little baby is now eating food &
crawling EVERYWHERE! She is a busy busy little girl-
she loves her crackers!

We are constantly trying to teach her to stay out of the plant
I don't know how many times a day we have to go over this......
and.....her other love.........
I trapped her in my closet so I could watch her while I showered
and by the time I got out this is what I found!

SHOES- now matter what toys are out she goes for the shoes
one of the most unclean thing in the house- go figure!
At like 7 1/2 months Marlee just started crawling one day
and pulling her-self up by things- I sit her down for a second
I turn back around and I find this......and she just thinks it's so
funny! I think we are in trouble!
Auntie Barbara brought this onesie back from NY-
following in her daddy's footsteps! I love it!
I want to write down some of the things I want to remember
about this time in our lives........
*she is a busy busy little thing (crawling, standing up against things
hanging on moms legs)
*loves Mom, Dad, Izze and Gonzo
*loves the mirror
* bath time
*still only two teeth
*hates her carseat- (it's a war everytime)
*eats fairly good (but only the things she likes)
*has got a set of lungs!!!!!!!!!
*loves to be crazy with dad
*loves to get into the plants and shoes
*her cute cheesy smile and her giggles
*still won't sleep through the night
*loves watching people and basketball games
* likes most people- (social butterfly) wonder were she gets that one from
* getting a little more hair...kinda
* Is soooo LOVED!