Friday, January 15, 2010


Some things in life can be so tiring

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy and six months!

My baby is 1/2 year old...I can't hardly believe it...time really does fly...
Marlee is a silly little thing...and crazy like her dad...but I sure do love them both!
She is eating baby food and liking most of her six month check up she weighed 15lbs8oz and was 27 inches long- so she is growing now! She has such a cute little personality...we are just loving the heck out of her!
Eating big girl food!

I LOVE this smiling face!

two teeth!

She LOVES her daddy!


We had a really great Christmas- it sure was different than any others we have had-
Marlee made it fun and much more exciting than our previous years with just me and Marv!
We opened some presents at our house then went over and had breakfast and spent the morning at Marvs parents house then had nap.....a much needed one.. and then later that night we had a family dinner with my parents and sisters- we had a great day of family and food... I love the holidays!
We sure love this little girl- She has enhanced our lives in so many ways!
Here are just a few pictures of Marlee on Chirstmas!

Grandma Great made
her this cute bonnett

Dress from Grandma Hoyt!

Marlee's first hoodie from Aunte Celeste

yum! PAPER!

noisy little barnyard animals!!!!!!!!

a pretty dress form Grandma B.
ooh.......... presents

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shortly after thanksgiving.....the slobering, drooling,
chewing, feverish, and slightly disgruntled little Marlee Moo
produced a tooth! A sharp one at that!

Sorry it's not the best pic...but trust.... it's in there!

The first snow storm amounted to this....... burr

and of course we still had loads of junk in the garage from moving
so the truck was not parked in it....... but, Marv and Nick were so kind
to QUICKLY clean it out so I could park inside!

just look much snow.....

with her all bundled up we kinda turned
Marlee into a little pick snowball!

Marv's younger brother Nick came home in October from his mission in Canada_
We are so happy to have him home!

Uncle Nick, Marlee, & Gavin

Thanksgiving also means "Turkey Tournament" and if you know
the Hoyt boys- they like their basketball- This was the first year
these three got to the chance to play together in the tournament!
No the didn't make it to the "ship" they still did great-Better luck
next year!

Top Ten Tournament Team!!!! Whoot whoot!
P.S. sorry April I swiped some pics off your blog!
Your a much better picture lady than me- Hope you dont mind!

Since I was the Sr. Class Pres ( by default) I got the honors of planning our 5 year class reunion-
I planned it on Thanksgiving weekend - think that people would be home visiting family- but I was wrong- anyhow those of us that did make it had a good time catching up and seeing what everyone was doing in their lives-so thanks to everyone that came!!!! Maybe we will have better luck at the 10 year! ROCK ON 2004!


I have been a total slacker in the blogging dept-
but I am trying to catch up- Marlee was five months old
right before thanksgiving... we had a great thanksgiving -
we got to spend it with both of our families!
Marlee is just getting cuter and more fun by the minute- she
is starting to be quite the crazy little girl- she definatly has a mind
of her own....(wonder were she got that from) she is getting more
mobile which in turn makes her more easy going...
we fall more in love with her by the minute

Like wear her headbands usually end up??????


Izze basking in the sunlight with duckie
in her new bed!

.....and to the mouth it goes....

Lots of smiles! I love them!

I often find these two doing this......

Just look at those cute faces!