Thursday, June 25, 2009


(this is all backwards sorry)

So here she is! Sorry it has taken so long to post pics- This baby life is crazy- but it's great! We love her so much. She is changing everyday- It is just crazy that she is ours!
So here are the stats:

Marlee Ann Hoyt
Born at 4:39 am June 20th 2009
Weight 5 lbs and 12oz and was 19 in long.
9 days early-

Sleeping beauty!
Marlee and Izzy!
Eyes open!
I hate putting her in that thing- It looks so uncomforatable-
Day 4 Looking more beautiful every day!
Day 2 Brining her home!
After her first bath and when the brought her back to us!

First pics- just minutes old.

First Family Pic!
New papa!
Day 1! It is a good thing my mom was there for Marv- he might not have made it- No- he wasnt as bad as people thought he would be- I sure do love him!