Tuesday, August 24, 2010

11 months!

This little girl is so silly! Likes to going, going, going!

Loves to outside and the warm weather...so does her


Loves people especially her dad, and her grandparents!

Says "izze" and calls for her.....alot

Eats mostly big people food- smaks her lips when
she wants somthing

Has taken a few steps (see below)! still crawls alot

but getting better at walking!
AND loves her baths!!!


a little somthin'

We ARE still alive!!!!!!!!!!

I have just been a complete slacker in the blogging dept
Here are a few pics of Marlee she has grown so much since
the last time I posted........... she is growing like a weed and running everywhere
we have had a great summer there will be
much much more to come later but for now...........